Video Coaching


Video can be damn intimidating. Not to mention, have a steep learning curve. There are plenty of folks willing to help with strategy, production, and consulting (I'm one of them), but very few willing to dive in to honestly help people get over their fears.

It's one thing to write a script, and another to help someone get in front of a camera with the type of confidence that allows them to be, well...themselves, instead of looking like a scared robot. My mission is to make video as easy for you as possible, no matter what your unique situation! 

Working on some video coaching on site in New York City with Lizz Winstead (the co-creator of The Daily Show) and her Exec Producer, Kat (clients...and now friends!). 

Working on some video coaching on site in New York City with Lizz Winstead (the co-creator of The Daily Show) and her Exec Producer, Kat (clients...and now friends!). 

So, who can use video coaching? 

If lacking confidence, direction, or heck...you're just not sure where to start, I'd love to help. I've worked with anyone from Ellen DeGeneres, to Prince, to senior citizens within' a small non-profit, Fortune 500 companies, and every single one of these clients had reservations about how they look on camera, and didn't feel 100% comfy ALL of the time. I want to empower you to use whatever camera you have handy, to get out of that rut of self-doubt, and  become confident in all things video...whether that's being on camera, behind the camera, or simply helping your company get to the next level to stand out. Coaching is a tailored, personalized solution - because each situation is extremely personal, and I understand that. 

I'm not talking about investing in a ton of technology or complicated lenses...I'm talking about taking what you HAVE, and doing EVERYTHING POSSIBLE with that. If you have passion for what you do, I promise we can harness that and help you realize all of those dreams video can help you accomplish. Because with video YOU control the tone of the message. No room for misinterpretation with reading. It's SO powerful.

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The first time I heard Erica speak, I knew I had to approach her. My company was diving into video—technically we were doing everything right, but it still didn’t feel right. Erica knew exactly what needed to happen. She jumped in, formulated a plan and transformed our team. I highly recommend Erica—she is the best!

Trish Lessard, Media Junction

The name of my company is "Puke Rainbows" - which comes from, "When life gives you rain...puke a rainbow."  If fear is standing in your way, get ready to conquer it together and puke rainbows. I promise not to overwhelm you with new terminology, tell you to picture the audience naked (why would you do that, how distracting!?), or yell, "Action!" at you, over and over. That's not how this works. Coaching is a 1 on 1 program for you. Sure, I have a framework - but, the nitty gritty is all about where you need the most pushing, and how I can do that in a gentle way, to help you shake the world with your idea. I want to help you bring your vision to life on camera, and to help you get caught up with all of the video advances...without spending months in online courses led by snarky 18-year-olds. 


What's next? 

Book your free 20-minute mini video coaching session to see if we're a good fit :)

And yes, this is a working session - not a pitch, you're already here and that makes me happy. So, if we click, awesome - if not, my hope is that you leave the session with a blueprint to get started, and a boost of confidence to jump in!