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Tackling video content can be a bit overwhelming.  Equipment, scripts, actors, to hire a crew, or not? Gah! Hopefully I didn’t just give you a panic attack, thinking about it.

I love to help businesses that are not quite as savvy as they would like to be, catch up on trends, storytelling techniques, and kick some butt in the digital communication space. Working in video has changed my life for the better and seeing others realize the power it has, is pretty freakin’ cool. It’s a great way to articulate information and inspire.

Let’s be honest, sometimes at work you want to throw together a quick video – and don’t have time for a big crew. Some basic knowledge will help you hit the ground running…and, when the time comes to work with a professional, you’re already well versed in lingo, strategy, and the nuts and bolts, so you aren’t taken advantage of.  Even if you have no prior knowledge in the space, it’s all good…I’ll make it easy, and fun (as long as you like Nickelback jokes).

From easily digestible workshops, to week-long supervision, training, and strategy consultation. If you’re looking to own your brand voice, video quality, creative, and on camera performance efficiently, I’d love to hang out. After all, the quicker you are on your feet, the more time you free up to spend with friends, family, and on other projects you love.

Below you'll find more information about sessions I offer, and where I've conducted workshops/been a featured speaker. Looking forward to hearing from you and puking rainbows together!

The Visit Saint Paul membership team, Jaimee and Magdalene, worked with Erica Hanna of Puke Rainbows Creative to run a 2-hour video content creation workshop for our members. We were absolutely thrilled with our decision to hire Erica, and so were our members! Learn more about Visit Saint Paul events at www.visitsaintpaul.com/members Find out how Erica can help you at www.pukerainbows.com

Crazy entertaining and knows how to hold an audience. Great examples. I took a lot away. Gave it a 6 out of 5.
— Attendee, Minnesota Association of Government Communicators Conference
Speaking in St. Paul Minnesota at Social Media Breakfast - photo by Teresa Boardman 

Speaking in St. Paul Minnesota at Social Media Breakfast - photo by Teresa Boardman 

Places I've puked rainbows:

  • Keynote: Associated Collegiate Press "Best of the Midwest" 
  • Keynote: AdFed 32 Under 32 awards
  • Keynote: Youth Social Media Summit
  • National Press Photographers "Ignite Your Passion" Speaker 
  • American Marketing Association panelist
  • Ignite Minneapolis Speaker
  • Midwest Journalism Convention panelist
  • MN Bloggers Conference Speaker 
  • Women In Public Service Speaker
  • MN Association of Government Communicators Speaker
  • Social Media Breakfast Speaker and Panelist
  • Mall of America Internship Series Speaker
  • MINBOUND - Inbound Marketing Conference Speaker
  • International Humphrey Scholars Program Speaker
  • AdFed: Women in Leadership panelist
  • Colleges, high schools, and middle schools 
  • Professional Humans Podcast Guest
  • Stewed Media Podcast Guest
  • Geekgirls podcast "Geek of the Week" 
  • AxPX podcast guest
  • Conversation Hub podcast guest
Ignite Minneapolis Speech: 5 minutes to hot hair. 

Ignite Minneapolis Speech: 5 minutes to hot hair. 

Erica gets it. She not only knows how to work the room, but she captivates audiences and leaves them tangible takeaways.
We regularly bring our students to Minneapolis for media related conferences and they always ask if Erica will be presenting.
— Travis Bockenstedt, Wartburg College/Fourth Wall Productions

Current Speech/Workshop Topics: 

- mobile video: getting the most out of your cell phone, for business or organizational content
- social engagement: 3 organic case studies, and how they were successful
- vlogging (video blogging): on camera and content tips from a "preditor" (producer/writer/editor)
- content: what makes content "good"? how do you get started with creating original content? 
- online fundraising: (case study) how I raised $30,000 for charity: water through my personal social media accounts
- hot hair in 5 minutes: a lesson in accepting yourself, no matter what the media or other people say 
- personal brand: what does that even mean...and, do you need one? 
- body love: whether it's adults, or teenagers...i really enjoy giving workshops about body confidence at any size. I am a former sponsored weight loss blogger, and pull from personal experiences of empowerment. 

I'd never expect someone to hire me without getting a feel for my style, first. So here is a quick video blog about collaboration/competition that I whipped together after speaking at MINBOUND 2015. Oh, and chances are my hair will be a different color the next time you see me. Ha!