training. strategy. engagement. oh, my! 

My love for social began years ago, when I decided to raise money to build fresh water wells in Africa. I started chatting about it on this "new" and "strange" platform, called twitter...and before I knew it, I had raised $11,111 for people in need. Most of those donations? They were from strangers across the world wide web. I saw the good, powerful, impact social media could have, and haven't logged off since. 
(This is what my campaign page looks like today! Most of these donations were via twitter)

But, I understand it doesn't come that natural for most people. Whether you're lost on facebook, tweetless on twitter OR (in most cases) you know what you're doing, but just need someone to tell your boss how important this new thing called the internet is? (I kid, I kid...sort of) I'd love to help. Passionate brands and people shine on social, so I'm here to help you find your spark. 

No matter the platform, I can help you figure out the best place for your brand to begin, build, or (in some cases), forget all together. Social isn't a "one-size-fits-all" type of thing, but with a few simple tips we can go from scary to simple.