What will I learn at a smartphone VIDEO workshop? 


Storytelling basics

Technology is only part of the equation when you are learning how to produce video content on your phone. Erica has worked in newsrooms for 10 years, and will help set up storytelling principles that make sense, instead of confuse. 

Production Basics

Simple lighting, easy-to-use equipment, audio tips, and how to make sure your compositions are top notch...those are just a few things you'll learn when covering production basics in this bootcamp! 

photo: Tom Loftus

photo: Tom Loftus


Want to add on a strategy session? Erica will walk you through a one hour Q&A session to make sure you've thought of everything, when it comes to the power of stories already at your fingertips - and what is important to your audience. 

Interview techniques

This is another add on session to the smartphone bootcamp. Erica has been told she is a "master at getting even the most uncomfortable person to open up on camera." So, how do you do the same thing? Tips, exercises, and the perfect way to phrase questions - will have you coming away with compelling answers after your interview...instead of nervous, one word mumblings. 

How much does a smartphone workshop/bootcamp cost? 

This varies, depending on a lot of factors - but I'm always happy to give a personalized quote below! Pricing is based up on the amount of time reserved  (2 hrs, half day, or full day), the number of attendees, and if you select the strategy or interview add-on sessions. Expect pricing to range from: $5,000-11,500 depending on the different options. But, the cool part? You have lifetime access to Erica for Q&A in her private "Team Puke Rainbows" group, and each session is customized based on need, industry, and current trends.


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