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6 Video Tips for Realtors

After working in video for 15 years with folks like Prince, Ellen DeGeneres, and fortune 500 companies - it’s become second nature to observe different industries and business verticals, and to see the trends in video. So many realtors are embracing video and that pumps me up! But, I’ve been noticing a few things that realtors could do to improve their authenticity and trust level, so I figured - hey, it’s time to write up a quick blog!

6 Ways realtors.png

I also recently produced some fun micro-content videos with Katrina DeWit - after her national debut on House Hunters. So, I’ve featured a few of those videos at the end of this post, for some fun examples and inspiration!

  1. Talk with your hands!

    Having your hands in front of you actually builds trust. It dates back to the caveman days, so it’s in our DNA to subconsciously recognize this. Have you ever trusted someone with their hands behind their back? Think about it. It’s because our ancestors associated that with their enemy attacking them with a rock or weapon! So, keep those hands out front - and use them to reiterate your points. No more of this “hold your hands in a diamond” thing…because it looks so unnatural - basically, why would you stand with your hands that way, if you’d never do that outside of filming a video?

  2. Put some personality into it!
    People can tell if you are reading a script, or if it’s memorized - because it sounds much different in tone, than if you’re telling a story. So, instead of using a prompter or memorizing lines, print out your main points onto post it notes, and put them up right next to the camera - that way you have something to fall back on, but you’re not memorizing stuff word for word.
    ”Your clients know you as you already, so you should feel comfy putting that into the world!” - Katrina DeWit

  3. You will always be your own worst critic

    There is something about working with realtors that I’ve really noticed: you nitpick yourselves, soooo much. Be yourself. Laugh. Smile. Be silly. Set yourself apart by being confident and empowered in who you are as a person! The key to getting over this, is practice. The more you see yourself on camera, the more you’ll get used to it and won’t pick yourself apart anymore.

  4. Time is money - outsource when warranted
    Of course, your daily videos you want to learn how to do - so you’re saving money, I get that! But, if you are going to be looking at producing videos that are more “high end” looking, think about the amount of time you’d be spending learning all of these new techniques, and whether or not it’s worth it - or, if your time is better spent prospecting.

    “Sometimes it’s more cost effective to just hire someone to do it, so you can spend that time actually calling clients. Instead of watching tutorials on YouTube about editing, lighting, audio, and techniques.” - Katrina DeWit, Engel and Volkers

  5. Be Vulnerable and Share Stories
    Sharing stories about an experience actually will engage a different part of the brain of your viewer. Personalize the experience, the tour, and what it’s like to work with you. Are you in Minnesota like I am? I want to hear about how the room will stand up to Minnesota winters - and even your funny stories about surviving winter! In addition to personalizing the video during a tour - you may want to consider sending personal messages to your clients via video, too. That way they can see the excitement in your face!

  6. Get Personal
    Are you sensing a theme here? The biggest mistake I’m seeing realtors make, is forgetting to set themselves apart. Tell me about WHY you do what you do. What do you do in your spare time? Let me get to know you, so I trust you! There is such a thing as appearing so polished that you seem robotic - avoid this by sharing, joking, and being considerate by listening, as well.

Here are a few examples of some videos with a higher production video than just your smartphone - for some context, we booked a half day of shooting with Katrina - and ended up with 6 pieces of micro-content, due to great planning! A mixture of tips, stories, and honest advice.

I hope this gave you some ideas for how you can tackle video in the future! Please know that you have the power to do it, and do it well - you’ve got this! If you’re looking for any help, I offer one-on-one coaching and critiques of self made videos, so you’re able to improve your video game without breaking the bank!

Also, I just finished brainstorming a list of 50 CREATIVE VIDEO IDEAS - so feel free to take any of my ideas and run with them - I can’t wait to see what you create! Keep puking rainbows, you’ve got this :)

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How to "Konmari" Your Videos in 2019

Happy New Year! Everywhere you look, people are jumping on board the Konmari method, and simplifying their homes. Less clutter equals a more fulfilling life, right? If you’re not sure what that is, it’s a new show on Neflix based on Marie Kondo’s book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” She helps people get rid of unnecessary things, basically curating their homes and closets. But…what does that have to do with video? More than you might think!

Marie Kondo via Flickr

Marie Kondo via Flickr

As I was watching her show the other night (guilty), I realized so much of what she was talking about, applies to what I do every day! And with so many people jumping into DIY smartphone video, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by a mountain of bells and whistles. Apps, graphics, fancy transitions, a million cameras to choose from, ahhhhhhh!!!! It’s sooooooo much!

So first, let’s take a minute to breathe and take a queue from Marie Kondo. How? It’s simple. Here we go:


How to Konmari Your Videos in 2019

  1. Be Intentional
    When Marie Kondo walks into a house, prior to tidying, she take a moment to greet the house. Now…do you need to talk to your video, and thank your smartphone? Not…exactly. But, all too often I see people rushing into creating, without thinking about who they are talking to. For her, each house is different, and for YOU your audience is different than the audience of another video. So, ask yourself these three questions as you a breathing: a. Who am I trying to reach? b. What do you want them to take away from your video? c. Is there a call to action that has to happen?

  2. Have a Process
    On each episode of Marie’s show, she walks people through the Konmari Method of tidying up. She has very specific steps to take, and an order to go in. She has folks start with clothes, then books, and so on… You will be able to maximize how much content you make, by also having a process! Remember to: a. spend time on pre-production: use this time to plan your video, write your script, or interview questions, to scout locations, and figure out what you’ll use for audio and tripod. b. Production Day! If you can, shooting more than one video at a time is SOOOOO time effective. We all know that the setup is what takes the longest, so if you’re all set up - feel free to bring a few different changes of clothing, and make multiple videos. c. Post Production: make sure your graphics are clean (like that tidying up pun?), you may not even need graphics - don’t overthink!

  3. Does Your Video Spark Joy?
    Of course this is going to be included, c’mon now…ha! But, it’s not what you think. I’m not talking about if your video sparks joy for your audience…yes, that’s important. But, Marie’s key phrase she asks everyone on her show, applies to how YOU feel about what you’re creating. Are you compelled by your message? Then it’s awesome! I don’t necessarily mean it’s flawless when it comes to production. What I DO I mean, is does what you’re saying speak to you, motivate you, fill you up? If it doesn’t move YOU, the #1 fan of what you’re doing, who WILL it help? Be confident in what you do, and put it out into the world with confidence. Share it with your audience, and love it!

    Thanks for reading, rainbow pukers - did any of these tips clarify anything for you? As always, feel free to send me a note with any questions or drop me a line in the comments! And, if you dig this post and want more video tips, I’d love to have you on my email list!

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2018 Video Marketing Trends To Watch For


Every year for the past 3 years I've heard from marketers, "This is the year for video!" And, well...they've been right. And right, again. And again. And well, you get the idea. Owning a video production company has been incredibly rewarding, but - this year I could feel a shift in what clients were asking for. Based on the asks, some emerging research, and well...plain old gut instinct, here are the 5 video trends you should be on the lookout for, in 2018! 


1.  Live video becomes not just something to dabble in – but crucial. 
Both, as a way to make good content, in a cheap way – and repurpose it., and as a way to continue the conversation with consumers. Places most popular to repurpose to will be: youtube,  instagram, blogs, emails, and twitter.  Trendwatch: The mevo camera has stepped into the space, which – I’m using this week, and will review next week. But, it looks like it’s gonna be a game changer.  See amazon ad below (affiliate link): 

2.   Facebook Watch becomes a big player!  
Get ready for a spot to put long form talk show style videos, on the most popular social platform. Does your brand have something that should be a TV show? Make it. Do it. Especially with younger folks consuming 47% less television – evergreen content is here to stay, so why not be a player? Just like nobody could imagine original movies coming out of a streaming service years ago...and it happened, evergreen content/appointment "TV" will become a thing for live video. Much like how blogtv was about 10 years ago, but...this time it's here to stay! 

3. Re-allocation of budget to “smarter” video. 
We saw a lot of brands jump in feet first with video in 2017 – but, it seemed like a lot of folks just put TV ads, on social – which, is not what social is for. Look for internal marketing teams to be tapped, or even combine forces WITH production agencies to keep things going out consistently and smarter. This could mean you see more retainers, consultants in house to help with efficiencies, or on site trainings – I’m seeing a lot of demand for all 3.

4. Internal video communication.
Sick of the boring newsletters from your CEO? With people making the corporate jump and folks in fortune 500 looking to make company culture more appealing for great workers, folks in the C suite will be getting training on how to be more approachable on camera, especially in bigger organizations, in order to bond with employees and to help them feel heard/valued. It's time to make the big cheese in the corner office more approachable, and the best way to do that is NOT by sending a stuffy newsletter. 

5. Immersive, really personal experience.
Look for brands to section off into individualized facebook groups or email lists to target more effectively with video. Also, with youtube – you’ll see more companies doing “choose your own adventure” type of storytelling.

Lastly, 360 video is something to start brainstorming for – but I'm not seeing most companies being able to invest in this quite yet. Be smart about this. Consumer cameras aren’t great yet, and since 85% of big corps have INTERNAL video teams - I just don't think it's realistic at this time....IF you rely on an internal team, because it's easy to become very overwhelmed, and they'll be pumping out the above mentioned items. But, as technology develops and comes down in price, this will be more and more relevant for internal teams, for sure! Areas I see using this more and more will be: real estate, higher ed, and concert/event spaces. For those looking for more info about 360 video and VR, I recommend talking to my buddy Chuck Olsen over at Visual

*The above link to the mevo camera is an amazon affiliate link. If you're thinking about buying the product anyway, feel free to use my link at no additional cost to you. If not, that's cool too!