It's amazing how life changes, when suddenly failure doesn't equal fear. This month, I decided to pursue my dream of having my own company. It has been terrifying, exhilarating, and an amazing ride already. 

I cannot say "thank you" enough, to all of you. Truth be told, I cried for the better part of 2 hours today, as well-wishes and comments poured in from across the country and the globe. My friends, I always knew you'd be supportive...but this? This is breathtaking. Currently, I feel like the luckiest, most supported person in the world. I truly do love you more than Nickelback and Chipotle. (ok, so...Nickelback doesn't take much-but, c'mon! Chipotle! That's a lot.) 


The most common phrase people write is, "I wouldn't have the guts to do that." Weird, I still feel that way. Except, one major thing has changed. A few people in my life have gotten really bad news lately. Health complications, and sadness about how short life is. And with that sadness, came perspective. We only have ONE life. If we don't do what is burning deep inside of us, no matter how risky it is...aren't we taking an even bigger risk, by ignoring that calling? 

I may fail. And for once, I'm OK with that. Because either way, there are lessons to be learned, and growth to experience. Could I slide into debt? Sure. But, the last suit you wear...doesn't have pockets, right? You can't take money with you. So, failure? Yeah, it's suddenly not so scary. 

Either way, new things are on the horizon...and that is so exciting! What I do know, is that right now I can't stop thinking about creating beautiful, compelling shit. But, above and beyond video...it's about something bigger. It's about showing the world how to puke rainbows. To create things that have a greater purpose than just selling a product or pushing a purchase. Puking rainbows is about making the best out of everything we are handed, and making a difference. Communicating messages of hope, laughter, and kicking ass...with art. Because, as Prince once told me, "Never call what you do 'video', girl. It's art. Call this art from now on." And we all know, nobody says "no" to a legend. 

So, thank you. I'm humbled, and touched to the point of tears. Without you guys, I wouldn't be here. Hearing suggestions and encouragement day in and day out from close friends, strangers, and twitter pals...framed things in a different light. Sometimes it's as simple as listening to the very wise people around you, when your gut would rather listen to the coward we call fear. 

I owe you, rainbow pukers. Let's do this.