We've all been there...the camera flips on, BOOM - we freeze.  What is it about the lens that makes us lose our cool?
Here are a few tips to help ease your nerves on camera! 


1. Forget the Script
All too often I see people trying to memorize WORD for WORD what they are going to say. Unless you are in a highly regulated industry, this is a huge no-no. Especially if you are talking about something you LOVE. A script is the fastest way to take the life out of your voice and make you sound like a scared robot. Instead, try...

2. Using Bullet Points
Keep the bullet points close to the camera. Make sure they are big enough to read and in your sight line, this way you have jumping off points - but, won't be concentrating on reading something you already know! 

3. Get Silly
Alright, stay with me here...this may sound weird, but it's gonna work. On your cue sheet with the bullet points, about halfway down - tape a photo of something that ALWAYS makes you smile. It will remind  you to relax, and to...

4. Pause
My mentor, Don Shelby...always said, "Silence is more compelling than the word, "um"." This is SO true. The best speakers I've seen purposely work pauses into their presentations and videos. He would always joke, "People always expect something profound after a pause! Half of the time I'm just trying to remember what to say...but, if I do it as I look around with confidence, it looks brilliant!" 

5. Tell a Story
Too often we try to "craft" the perfect "soundbite" - and then we lose the passion in our voice. Think of an example to illustrate your point, work it into the bullet points sheet, and let your imagination take you to that place. Use action verbs like, "As I was walking into the building I thought...." and it will actually tell both YOUR brain AND the VIEWERS brain, that you are physically moving. Which, calms you down naturally. Fun trick, eh? Wow, our brains are cool.  

What tricks do you rely on to relax on camera?
I'd love to hear any other tips, and I'm sure everyone reading would, too!

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Thanks for reading! Stay awesome and keep puking rainbows :) 

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