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"Nooooo....I don't know what to wearrrrrr...." is the most common response I get when I'm the bearer of the fabulous news that they are the lucky one that is going to be on camera. It's usually followed by a rush of panic, asking about outfit after outfit. But, when it comes down to it, when you're dressing to be on camera, you need to keep it simple. Here are a few rules to go by:

1. Wear something comfortable. 
   (no tugging)
A lot of people will go out and buy a brand new outfit for the shoot, then sit down in it for the first time when they get to set. That's a no-no. Wear something you feel comfortable and confident in, it will show on camera! Avoid shoulder pads or really tight shoulders, because they will rise up when you sit down. And don't forget to think about what colors you look good in. 

2. What looks good on camera? 

Avoid really tight patterns, dots, and pinstripes - long story short, they mess with the camera and can be very distracting. Also, avoid straight up black and white - because it's a bit of a lighting nightmare. The safest bet is bright, solid colors, or classic, bigger patterns. 


BONUS: Bring options! I always tell people to bring at least three clothing options, because you never know if you are going to show up in the same outfit as someone else, and you want to make sure you have something that pops off the background! For example, winter in Minnesota can be brutal...so wearing white outside would be a no-no, blues are soothing to the eye, and red equals power. Thing about what you want to convey, and go for it! As long as you feel like a million bucks, you'll look like it, too!