2015...wow, what a year. Where do I even begin?

After starting out slow, and questioning my decision to fly solo every single day for the first two months of the year, things really have ended with a bang!  Below is an infographic showing some of the rad highlights of the year. But, as far as putting words to them - there isn't much else to say except, "Thank you for growing with me." 

I made a lot of mistakes my first year in business. And for the first time, this perfectionist is happy about that. I learned that delegating is the ultimate compliment you can give someone, and that you can actually hurt a project by taking on too much. I learned that stress can be disguised in the form of LOVE of what you do, and manifests in adrenaline....tricking your body into thinking it never needs to sleep. Nope, wrong - sleeping is what keeps your brain functional, and...you out of the doctor's office (yeah, about that "acute exhaustion" diagnosis in July...oops, lesson learned). 

But the biggest takeaway from 2015? Trust. Trust the people around you who tell you to try something completely new, crazy, fun, and different. I've always wanted to push the envelope with creativity and video, and now - applying that philosophy to life, has been freakin' priceless. A few times being pushed past fear paid off this year: 
1. Acting as Production Director for Lizz Winstead's Comedy special (I cried in fear when I said "yes"...not lying)
2. Signing my first retainer contract with Emmy Winners Tonic Sol-Fa (working side by side with friends can be daunting, but so worth it)
3. Signing my second retainer contract with Steven C. Anderson, and helping him fill 2,500 seats at the Cathedral (yup, was terrified I would fail)
4. Saying "yes" to helping an old friend rescue a video project that another agency had dropped the ball on, and turning around a new product in just a few weeks
5. Helping the U of M Rochester Promote their new Health Sciences Programs in collaboration with Mayo Clinic (I honestly thought I'd never learn the terminology and I'd offend all the doctors).
6. Working with a NASA astronaut to deliver some fun social content for the Science Museum

All of these things....SOOOOOO SCARY at first. But, ended up being some of the biggest highlights of my career so far. Proving once again, that fear - sometimes doesn't know what the hell it's doing, and needs to quiet down. 

 So, thank you for holding my hand through the mistakes. For helping me put on my big girl pants, and grow up in the process. Because of those "failures"  and "fears" I feel more equipped than ever to handle anything life/work throws at me in 2016.
Happy New Year, rainbow pukers! 

Don't judge me....you know I fudged the number of curse words. Blame the creative cloud. 

Don't judge me....you know I fudged the number of curse words. Blame the creative cloud. 

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