I love to read. Really, I do. Clever copy on a website brings a smile to my eyes, and a brilliant billboard always makes me laugh. There are a ton of ways to get your message out, and a great written tag line can definitely gain attention. That's why I think a lot of folks are skeptical about video. It's a question I get on a weekly basis, 

"Why should someone do a video?" 

The truth is, maybe they shouldn't do a video. Because, video...emphasizes who you really are. And for some businesses? Yeah, that transparency probably isn't a good idea (we all know the unethical types). Video is great for people who have a story to tell. A real story. Not just a made up tale to sell stuff. Visuals are superb if you need to teach something, or make a point really easy to understand. But, above all - even though these things are great...it's not "why" I love video so much. The number one reason is this: 

When people read a message, they assign the tone in their head.

When you deliver a message on camera, you are in charge of the tone and brand feeling. 

Mike Ryncheck - CEO, Spyder Trap  outtake from video shot for Celarity.com (client)

Mike Ryncheck - CEO, Spyder Trap 
outtake from video shot for Celarity.com (client)

Inflection. Sarcasm. Delivery. Empathy. These are all things up to the reader if we're talkin' text. But, a good director can help bring your brand to life in an authentic way on camera, that is unforgettable. Ultimately...you are in control. 

I'm not saying that other ways of advertising are "bad." I use social media, and sponsorship for events for my own biz. They work great! But, when it comes to telling a story, and being sure that the right tone is getting to the humans you want to reach? I still think video is king.