So...the day is here. The website is up. And I have a small confession to make. 

I've had this domain name reserved for, well...YEARS. But, I didn't act on getting my site up until now.


Timing. Vision. And a small dose of fear. 

You see, since the day the "Puke Rainbows" concept was spewed out on twitter between myself and a few buddies...I knew it would drive my life. I just didn't know exactly how. But, with time came clarity. 

It's as simple as this: 

Everyone has the ability to puke rainbows. Whether it's looking at a shitty situation and making it better, or being taught that you really DO have it within' you to star in a stunning photograph. Other examples: is your company lacking a voice, or direction? Let's puke some rainbows and turn things around. Video flat? Actors stiff? Concepts boring? Boom. I'm in. With you. Together. Let me help you read the situation, and activate the best in everyone involved. Puking some rainbow video magic.

We all can do things we didn't think we were capable of, with a little help.

My web pal and hosting buddy Steve Lack helped me puke rainbows, and get this site up. It's his thing, he knows how to make shit happen in the tech world. He simplified the process, explained it, gave it life, and then suddenly...this little website, was alive (mwah hahahaha). Whoa...

My point is...we're all in this together.

My hope? That Puke Rainbows isn't only the name of my company, but that it's part of a movement. To join together, and help everyone make something, out of what they THOUGHT was nothing...or, a bit of something that just needed a boost to be a beautiful experience. To expose the rainbow, and kick some butt in the process. 

Thanks for visiting. Y'all come back now, ya here? 

Erica (@meeterica