"Puke Rainbows?" 

Yes, puke rainbows. I'm talking about changing the way we look at content, video, life, everything. 

I used to be the chronic tweeter of positive quotes. Then, one day a young man from NYC said, "I really like what you tweet. But, some of those quotes are tough to understand...explain?" I responded, 

"When life gives you rain...puke a f-ing rainbow." 

Then it started. People began using #pukerainbows whenever we turned something crappy, into a positive step forward. 

We can all learn to puke rainbows. Whether it's going from awkward on camera, to natural and warm. Or, turning a tired brand, into something fresh and new. Chances are...what your company does, is improve the lives of others. That, is puking rainbows.  What I do, is help you show how you're doing that, on camera. 

Being creative isn't simply about making stuff. It's about caring. About your neighbors, your clients (friends), and even strangers.

We're all here to puke rainbows. 



Content strategy 

who needs to see your content? how do we reach them in a creative way? 

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whether it's a workshop for 7 people, or 7,000
teaching is my jam. 

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